Essential Support

Astrium Ltd and the PRoVisG Team are grateful to the following for their contribution to the Field Trials and the accompanying Outreach programme :
  • El Teide National Park Authorities - who have, kindly and generously, once again granted us access to run the field trials in the Park.
  • Active Connect S.L. (Director Conny Spelbrink) organized the Local logistics in Tenerife to the Field Trials and provided excellent and flexible support.
  • UK Space Agency (UKSA), which has generously provided funding and support for the UK outreach program associated with the Field Trials.
  • Venture Thinking (Director Heather MacRae), which has organised and managed the UK Outreach programme, producing the excellent education materials and organising the Competition.
  • CosmOnline (Director Ben Gilliland) have provided valuable publicity for the Outreach Programme and is a keen supporter of the Trials
  • ElectroSat S.L. - have provided the reliable Satellite Broadband services for the Field Trials which has allowed the team to relay their data onto the internet
  • Parador Canadas del Teide  - who accommodated the PRoVisG and Astrium Rover Teams during the Trials with excellent rooms and a very good restaurant.