The location: El Teide National Park

The Astrium Bridget Rover Team have once again been granted access to the El Teide National Park on the beautiful island of Tenerife. Away from the bustle of the coastal towns and villages, the park is an area of remarkable tranquility and peace.

The Park is favoured as a Field Trials venue, having good weather and a rich tapestry of image textures and features.  These characteristics are important in providing a wide range of conditions under which to test the imaging systems and image processing software that are at the core of the PRoVisG project.  The fact that the National Park is above the cloud base means that the weather is generally very reliable, with lots of blue sky and warm sunshine during the day.  The cool nights tend to clear the air giving good visibility.

Google Map

Google Map

The Trials will take place primarily in two areas of the El Teide Park - Llanco de Ucanca and Minas de San Jose.  

Llano de Ucanca
Llano de Ucanca provides a flat landscape with fine textures of volcanic sand, pebbles and occasional rocky outcrops visually similar to that encountered on the surface of Mars during long and sustained drives. 

Minas de San Jose
Minas de San Jose is a landscape which is eerily other worldly, featuring crater-like dips not unlike craters as may be found on the surface of the Moon or Mars.  The light tone of the volcanic pumice contrasts with the deep dark browns and blues of the rocky outcrops that are abundant in that area.  The banks of pumice and pebbles form natural climbing slopes that are challenging for rovers and which the imaging technology must take into account.

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