Rover Operator

Name: Andrew Ratcliffe
Role: Rover Operator & Web Site Support

What does your role in the team involve?

I am responsible for driving the rover during the field trials. The driving commands are sent to the rover remotely from a field command centre. Throughout the field trial I will be in constant communication with Martin and Lester to ensure the rover is operating correctly and performing all the required manoeuvres to meet the science teams goals.

What other projects are you involved with?

My usual work involves very early studies on exploration and science missions. The team I am part of in Stevenage regularly take an idea for a space mission and transform it into a complete system design. During the design process the team will look at everything from cost to the design of solar arrays.

What interested you in working in the space sector?

I have always been fascinated in space, but more precisely the tools we use to explore the Universe. Astrium offers me the opportunity to work on exciting projects ranging from Mars rover designs to spacecraft designed to reveal the secrets of the Big Bang.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Space?

Try to get involved in as much extra-circular space activities as you can, this shows employers that the space industry is more than an academic interest and more of a passion. The UK offers numerous different organisations you can become involved in ranging from UKSEDS to the BIS (British Interplanetary Society).