Name: Jorgina Busquets Corominas
Role: Communications manager & Website support

What does your role in the team involve?

I am responsible for making sure the general public can have access to what we are doing. I write reports of our activities, I make sure the live broadcast is working, I blog about what we are doing, I update the website, I answer to questions the public sends and I speak to the Spanish press. So if you have any suggestions, questions or comments about the activity or the website I am the one to talk to!

Nevertheless, our team is very dynamic and I wouldn’t be surprised if I operate the rover one day and Andy becomes the reporter for one day.

What other projects are you involved with?

Astrium has a very dynamic environment and you jump from one project to another one very quickly. I was working with Bruno (Bridget’s brother) helping develop some software for the ExoMars project one day, I was designing the communications subsystem for the Mars Sample Return mission the next one and I was writing a proposal for an Earth Observation mission at the same time. And now I am in Tenerife!

What interested you in working in the space sector?

The people and the environment. I think every single sector has something interesting to it once you get into it. However, I could see space was different. Due to the nature of the projects in space, so challenging and so expensive, not a single endeavour can be taken at small scale. Everything is just more global, you need to put together resources and people from different cultures and backgrounds and all of them are working towards a common goal! Because of being involved in space, I know people from more than 50 countries! And well, space is one of the only disciplines that will help us understand a bit more what we are and where we came from.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Space?

Be passionate about it. Don’t do anything because somebody else does, or somebody suggests there is work in that area. Do something because you are really interested and excited about it. You will spend a great percentage of your life working. Make sure you enjoy what you do.

If you are really excited about it, you will get involved, and you will put the effort to overcome any difficulty or challenge that arises.