Rover Preps in Stevenage

Friday 2nd September 2011 – 15:20

It’s amazing the amount of work getting Bridget ready entails. I have been in the robotics lab in the last few days, editing the website and making sure you have lots of information is available. I've seen lots of people in and out of the laboratory where Bridget is kept, busy making their contribution in the build up to the Field Trials.

The Wi-Fi relay stations were being prepared yesterday which will allow us to communicate with each other and the rest of the world once we are in the field, testing. Patrick Harkness and Chris Murray from the University are here as I write, attaching an ultrasonic drill to the front of the rover. Our Field Trials Director, Lester always manages to get the most out of any project. Even though the trials are for PRoVisG, why not use the opportunity to test the ultrasonic drill as well, during those 'quiet periods'. He doesn't stop. One minute he is on the phone with our Local Agent in Tenerife (Connie) to make sure all the logistics in Tenerife are ready, and the next one he is drilling holes in the rover bulkhead (a large metal plate that separates the control system from the payload area) to secure the mast.

Patrick has just come down to me and told me there are actually two ultrasonic drills. They have different mechanisms for extracting the sample; but they both drill in the same way.

Some researchers from Cranfield have also been here this morning. They were looking at installing a Speckle Velocimeter to the rover. It will allow us to know the speed and the distance Bridget travels. They won't be coming to Tenerife but they will be following the event through the website. Just like you…

I have just called Andy (one of the Astrium Rover team) who is helping me edit the website. He has just found a nice way for you to ask the team a question on this website. I can't wait to hear them!