20th Sept - Tue - Rover packup

The day began at 0800 hours with a quick breakfast and briefing about roles and responsiblities.

The Rover pack up process ran very smoothly.  By now the whole team was well in tune with where everything is, what needs doing and how it should be done.  Bridget was disassembled, cleaned and placed in the shipping box, with all the suspension bogies being packed in their individual cases.  All the support equipment was packed into crates ready for shipment with the main box.

The PRoVisG meeting room at the Parador was cleared with all Rover related equipments being packed into their shipping boxes.  The Satellite Broadband link was kept to allow the upload and processing of image data to the internet servers.  It also allowed the team to finalize their travel and to update this website.

By 1400 hours, Bridget with her support equipment was ready to be transported to the shipping agent in Santa Cruz to the North of Tenerife.  She will be shipped later in the week.  Before that we had to return the Mole which has given excellent service, despite an almost broken starter cable and handle and the ability to fry Bridget's harness.  We managed to tear Martin off the controls before finally returning the Mole to its home.  On delivering Bridget to the shipping company, and the van to the rental company, the teams work was complete - at least at the Tenerife end.  

On return to Stevenage, Bridget will need to be unpacked, reassembled, checked out and repaired before beginning her next outing to INTECH (http://www.intech-uk.comin Winchester where she will be on public display from 2 - 9th October as part of World Space Week.  Following that she will be at the London Science Festival (UCL and the Royal Observatory Greenwich) where the Field Trials Director (Lester Waugh) will be giving a lecture on the Field Trials. 
Why not go and see her if you in the vicinity at the time.

(see Bridget's Diary for details of future events).