19th Sept - Mon - Trials Day 3

PRoVisG Field Trials complete - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !  Well done team.

Today is the only day in the field trials when Bridget didn't start the day without the PanCams fitted.  Today was the turn of the Omniview and 3D-TOF camera to be the focus of the tests.

The setting was perfect - right in the middle of the Minas de San Jose area, imaging a group of rocks that Hans-Rudolph named 'the Rocky Islands'. Two laps around the rocks is the plan, taking images with both the Omniview and Time-of-Flight cameras top provide an image data set for the area. 
It's quite impressive to see Bridget moving over rocky features that are over 30cms high - right on the limit of her capability. It's quite impressive to see the Omniview camera in action, taking 360 degree pictures of the surrounding landscape.

If you cannot see the pictures below, click the following PicasaWeb Link.

September 19, 2011

Meanwhile, the PanCam team were in Llano de Ucanca taking images with the tripod again - gathering what is called 'long baseline stereo' image data sets.  This allows them to reconstruct accurate 3D models of large features that are in the distance (several hundreds of metres away).

In the afternoon, all the cameras are brought together on Bridget: Omniview, 3D-TOF, PanCams and Hypercam are all fitted. Another lap of the 'Rocky Islands' complex produces a comprehensive data set for later processing.  From this data set, elevation models and detailed light spectra information will be produced that allow a feature rich model to be developed.  This image set is a valuable bonus - we have already met our targets for the day and the Field Trials objectives have been satisfied.

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