18th Sept - Sun - Trials Day 2

Things ran smoothly today. The team is finding its feet and the Trials are gaining their rhythm. The control centre is set up quickly. The communications relay stations up and running smoothly, mounting ultrasonic drill happens efficiently and drilling proceeds well. The drill is then unmounted and the cameras for the day are fitted and ready to go. A series of panorama and visual odometry pairs is captured over an extended distance.

The radio communications are getting slicker and keeping the whole team informed of progress in the field. Andy ('Control') ensures that the rover is being driven in an efficiently executed series of drives. Martin (also known as 'Rover') runs back and forth  fixing communications and battery issues, Jorgina (me - 'Network') keeps the people informed of what's going on and Lester ('Flight') oversees everything. All the scientist from PRoVisG know what they want and when they need to be there.

We got a lot done and you can feel it in the air. A very successful day, today. Tomorrow is our final Field Trials day and we are looking to complete our imaging schedule.

If you cannot see the days pictures below, please go to this PicasaWeb Link..

September 18, 2011

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