Blog 19/09/11

11:16, Minas de San Jose: Today the PanCams are not on Bridget - what a shock (this is a one off!). Steve and Laurence have gone to Llanos the Ucanca and are taking some images with the support of a tripod. On the field, today it's the turn of the Omniview Camera, from the CSEM.

12:47, Minas de San Jose: Bridget is currently climbing some difficult rocks. We are circling what has been baptised as the Rocky Islands while imaging it with the Omniview camera and the 3d-TOF. It's quite impressive to see it!

14:00, Minas de San Jose: Bridget is now imaging with ALL the cameras on: 3D-TOF, Hypercam, PanCams and Omniview. Nice wrap up moment.

16:30, Minas de San Jose:
Flight just told me over the radio that we have finished everything scheduled for those Field Trials. Mission: ACCOMPLISHED. Everything else that we do from now on is a bonus!