Blog 18/09/11

08:05, Minas de San Jose: Early start in the clear morning air of Tenerife. Continue with the ultrasonic drilling that could not be completed yesterday due to a technical hitch, hence the early start. We have about one hour before the PRoVisG team arrives. Quick breakfast in the van.

09:30, Minas de San Jose: We have finished with the drill. Patrick says they are really ha
ppy with the results because they retrieved some samples, and that they have perforated all the rocks they wanted to. They need to work on the release mechanism, though.

10:00, Minas de San Jose: We have internet now. Flight (Lester) is setting up the relay station. I ping Bridget's laptop and it's up and running. Steve arrives with the PanCam, ready to fit it in the rover (we had removed all the cameras for the drilling; it creates too much vibration).

10:35, Minas de San Jose: Starting imaging again. Same sequence as yesterday to have a consistent set.

17:02, Minas de San Jose: We have spent the entire day imaging the Minas de San Jose Valley. Some people come and see us, and we introduce them to Bridget. They are quite surprised it is driven with a multicontrol strategy and log control pad.

20:00, Parador Hotel: How is it going? - I ask Lester and Gerhard. They say they are very pleased with all the material we have already acquired, but that there is still some work to do tomorrow.