Blog 17/09/11

08:53, PRoVisG Room: I am in the room with Gerhard Paar, the Project Manager of PRoVisG. He is telling me that today we are going back to Minas de San Jose to image the valley from another perspective to have the entire view of the area.

11:00, Minas de San Jose: There are some German journalists visiting Teide. They see Bridget and they take the opportunity to interview Gerhaard and have a look at Bridget.

11:52, Minas de San Jose: Bridget is ready. The PRoVisG team members mark the route with white balls. They are reference points that are used to evaluate the accuracy of the scene and rover trajectory reconstruction. 

12:24, Minas de San Jose: Bridget is moving along a crater in Minas de San Jose while taking visual odometry images. Those are the images that are used to determine how much Bridget is moving according to how they change.

13:25, Minas de San Jose: PanCam One (Steve) says: "Image capture complete". Then goes Rover (Martin): "Starting rover motion". We wait for 30 seconds and Rover goes again: "Rover holt". PanCam: "Starting image capture". And we go on, imaging the valley.

15:45, Parador Hotel: Just went to the hotel to pick some things and met some of the members of the European Parliament. They are the representative of different communities like Wales or the Canary Islands. I (Network) brief them on the PRoVisG project and they will come down to see Bridget later on.

17:25, Minas de San Jose: Members of the Parliament from Italy, Wales, Austria and The Canary Islands have just come, together with their partners, translators, etc. Lester and Gerhard brief them about Bridget and PRoVisG.

18:23, Minas de San Jose: 70% of the imaging planned for the day is completed. We don't have enough time to go on with the next projected sequence so we stop the imaging and fit the ultrasonic drill into Bridget.