Blog 16/09/11

08:38, Parador Hotel --> Today is Press day. We will spend all morning with local authorities and the Spanish & E
nglish press. I (Network) am doing a presentation in Spanish to brief them on the PRoVisG Field Trials. We will then go to the field and show them what we do. I won't be able to blog until then but I will try to stream some of the morning.

15:28, Minas de San Jose --> Patrick and Chris are fitting the ultrasonic drill on Bridget right now.
16:25, Minas de San Jose --> Just drilled a hole with t
he ultrasonic drill. Currently imaging it.

16:45, Minas de San Jose --> Martin has brought a mini-rover where we will try to fit in a camera that images Bridget. It has been baptized as Bridget Scout.
17:14, Minas de San Jose --> Finished drilling a hole with the ultrasonic drill. It retrieved a sample that split in four segments. Even if th
ey expected it to be whole, the experiment has been quite successful, says Patrick, from Glasgow University.
18:43, Minas de San Jose --> Taking images with PanCams every 2 m around a cluster be able to reconstruct its shape in 3D.
18:54, Minas de San Jose --> Just finished with the PanCams. Now taking an image with the Hypercam and we are done for the day in the field (it continues in the PRoVisG room).