Blog 15/09/11

09:17, Parador Hotel --> We are in a critical situation: some cables of Bridget were burnt with the exhaust of Mole. Trying to replace them at the moment. The Field Trials really start today: All the PRoVisG is ready but Bridget is not. But hopefully, she will be soon.

10:36, Parador Hotel --> Flight (Lester) is still at the back of the hotel trying to fix Bridget's cables. We are making some progress. Rover (Martin) is going back to the PRoVisG room to try to set up a robust network. Control (Andy) is helping out.

10:46, Parador Hotel --> Most of the PRoVisG team are leaving to Ucanca for a localisation test. They are taking the PanCam, Hypercam and time of flight. By processing the pictures, the image of the landscape can be reconstructed and distances measured. They will compare those results with the real distances measured on the spot.

12:08, Parador Hotel --> Two cables repaired. Three more still to go. Flight estimates 1 hour and a half - two hours until Bridget is operative.

14:10, Parador Hotel --> Hans-Rudolph just came back from the field. He tells me about the Time of Flight camera. It measures the distance by calculating the time it takes an IR signal to reach the target. He went to the field to check that he could still have measurements with sunlight. By taking several images, he can see the amount of noise he gets.

17:00, Parador Hotel --> We have Bridget working! The wait was worth it. Lester did an amazing job this morning and managed to fix the burnt cables. The screen of the Control Laptop is still broken but if we access it from another screen it's all right.

17:36, Minas de San Jose --> We have spent lots of time fixing Bridget so now it's time to hurry up. The screen is still broken but that's not a problem: we'll control Bridget from the remote control centre.

17:52, Minas de San Jose --> Science objectives for the afternoon: 1) Finishing the localisation testing by doing a course of 30 m taking pictures every 2 m. With this, the PRoVisG team will be able to reconstruct the trajectory. 2) Take two 180 degrees panoramas with different exposures so that pictures are not black.

18:42, Minas de San Jose --> We are driving Bridget remotely and it's working! Doing 2 visual odometry stereo pair every 2 meters and soon starting with a panorama.