Blog 14/09/11

10:20 PRoVisG room: We are still in the hotel. The network does not seem to work properly yet. The PRoVisG team members that came to Tenerife are here, discussing the best approach for image capture.

13:06  PRoVisG room: The team is nearly ready to go. The new cameras are onboard Bridget and the network is up and running. In the next hour Bridget will enter the test site. Please standby as we pack up the static command centre.


16:23 Remote control centre: Control just came back transporting Bridget. Hans-Rudolph is setting up the omniview camera and Steve the PanCam. We will take some more images.

18:00 Remote Control Centre We have an operating rover. It’s approaching some rocks at the moment while imaging them with the PanCams.