Next Meeting Monday JUNE 28th 2021

NOTE:  Closing date for DI entries is always 10 days prior to Meeting Date
For June, that is Monday 21st  at 11:59PM.
Please ensure that maximum sizes are complied with AND that your filename and Title meet the comp rules.
Check the Club and Competition rules (sidebar under Rules of our Club)

Our monthly competitions entries are in five (5) main categories.  
1. DI  (Digital Image) MONOCHROME
2. DI  (Digital Image) OPEN
3. DI  (Digital Image) THEME ("Noir" (or noire) is the French word for black).

Noir is characterised by moody, dark, and dramatic images that look straight out of a crime scene filmed in the ‘60s. The images are emotive, and have a highly specific look to them in lighting, contrast, and composition.
Black & White: Image should consist of only black, white & grey.
Monochrome is excluded.

4. PRINT MONOCHROME (Bring along mounted print images to register on the night)
5. PRINT OPEN (Bring along mounted print images to register on the night)

We have a Special Interest Group (DI) "Creative" 
The starting or base image must be a photo. 
Post Processing or composite images and "altered reality" are accepted.
This category will NOT score points in the annual competition for 2021

Please send your competition entries DI ONLY (digital Images) to:

The Bribie Island Photography Club meets on the
Fourth Monday each month, except December.
 (even on Public Holidays which fall on that Monday)

Meeting Place:
Bribie Island Community Arts Centre in the Board room.
Address:  191 Sunderland Drive, Banksia Beach, Bribie Island 4507

Time: 7:00PM for a 7:15PM meeting start. 
We usually finish around 9:30PM

NOTE:   The Arts Centre main entrance will be closed at that time,
so go around to the rear of the main building and enter from the rear pedestrian gate.
The Board Room is immediately on your right.
Car parking is available there also. 

Secretary,        Gail -  0419 638 865
President, Gordon -  3408 2649 -  0438 518 393
email:  (Secretary, Gail)

To view Images, go to "Slideshows" in the Menu (left) to select a month

A 'click' on the menu will open the correct album in Google Photos ..
Click on the top left image, which is a category title page. Then scroll, left/right through the images in order.
Left/Right arrow keys or swipe for touch screens.
The image TITLES will also be shown near the bottom after a small delay.

A "full screen" view is available for each image. Depending on which browser in use you may, or may not, need to toggle full screen display by hitting F11
Esc may also exit the Full Screen display.

Membership dues - RENEWALS DUE JANUARY
January to December : $35
Part year- pro-rata as below
April to December :       $27
July to December :        $18
October to December :   $9

A fee of $5 each meeting attended is also applicable.