Brian R. L. Coulter

Current Position:
Principal, Principal Credit Investments, CPP Investment Board

Doctoral Studies:
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Thesis Title: "Essays on Banking"
Supervisors: Professor Alan Morrison and Dr. Joel Shapiro.
Completed: September 2013

Published Work:
  • Coulter, B., Mayer, C. and Vickers, J., 2014. Taxation and regulation of banks to manage systemic risk. Taxation and Regulation of the Financial Sector, p.67.
  • Coulter, B., Shapiro, J. and Zimmerman, P., 2017. A mechanism for Libor. Review of Finance, 22(2), pp.491-520.

Research Papers (Selection):

  • Team Transfers in Investment Banks
  • Compulsory Rating and Proportional Retention in the Securitization Market
  • Team Size and the Ratchet Effect

Teaching Experience:
  • Intro to Banking (Undergraduate) - University of Oxford
  • Game Theory (Undergraduate) - University of Oxford
  • MBA Finance I - Saïd Business School
  • Finance Program for Senior Executives - Saïd Business School
  • Finance I (Undergraduate) - Saïd Business School

Working Experience:
  • Bank of England - PhD Intern (Summer 2013)
  • NERA Economic Consulting - Research Officer Intern (Summer 2010)
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