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Falconry Talks

With a  qualified teacher, we are equipped to teach and give informative talks on falconry and birds of prey to groups of all ages, and are available to schools, colleges, workshops,evening clubs and birthday parties.

All talks can include a selection of hawks and falcons for the audience to meet and handle under the supervision of an experienced falconer.


Birds of Prey
Describing the individual bird species
Falconry training procedure

 & Falconry
The history of falconry
Falconry anecdotes

Art & Falconry
A review of falconry in art

Falconry Art


English & Falconry
Falconry in poetry
Modern expressions from falconry jargon

Science & Falconry
The anatomy of birds of prey
Bird of prey digestion
Flight & style
Predator & prey relationships
Bird behaviour and motivation
Species adaptations

If you feel that any of these talks suits your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to set it up for you.

(NB. Classes need to be under the control and supervision of a member of staff as safety is our main priority)