Falconry Displays

Our team of birds are ready to give displays at your particular venue and will delight your guests be it in a country fair or fete, a school open-day, a birthday party, or any other occasion of your choice.

Static Displays

An exhibition of various species of raptor perched and displayed for the public to view. The birds are sheltered under a gazebo and accompanied by a falconer to talk to the public to allow them the experience of holding a bird on the glove. We do not allow the birds to be stroked by the public as it makes the birds uncomfortable.

NB.Please be aware that the static site needs to be in an area of peace and quiet for the birds comfort and safety.

Flying Displays

Various species of raptor are flown from the glove to effectively display their different styles of flight and character. This is accompanied by an informative commentary by a professional falconer who encourages controlled participation. We feel that the birds should express their innate grace and dignity as naturally as possible .

Engagements and Weddings

For your engagement, why not arrange to have a bird of prey present the ring?

Alternatively for a memorable wedding day you could arrange to have a bird of prey present the wedding rings to the best man by flying down the nave of the church. The wedding guests will be amazed and will be able to meet the birds during the reception.