Price List

Falconry Talk

Group Talk/ handling sessions: £50 per half hour

Falconry Experiences

Fly a Harris' Hawk:

One species, one hour, £30 per person,

Groups: £10 per head (minimum 4)

Family Group Experience:

Three species, one hour, £10 per head (minimum 4)

Two Hour Falconry Experience:

Three species, two hours, £50 per person, spectators: £10

Half Day Falconry Experience:

Four species, three hours, £80 per person, spectators: £10

Full Day Falconry Experience:

Four species,11am to 4pm, £100 per person, spectators: £20

NB: Children under 12 must be accompanied by a guardian,

Children under 5 are free to watch but not participate.

Gift Vouchers & Bookings

To buy an experience please purchase a voucher buy contacting us by email or telephone.(See Terms and Conditions below.)

Gift vouchers are available for all experiences and are valid for one year.

To redeem a voucher the participant will need to contact us again to book an appropriate time and venue.

Should an experience be postponed due to bad weather it can be rebooked for a later date.

Should a client cancel without 24 hours warning, the voucher will be non-refundable.

Flying Display Rates:

  • Flying Display (half-hour): £50
  • Flying Display (half hour flying + half hour handling): £100
  • Static Display (half-day): £120
  • Static Display (full-day): £200
  • Static(half-day)and Flying Display (half hour): £150
  • Static (full-day) and Flying display (half hour): £200
  • Static (full-day) and Flying Display (2 x half hour): £250
  • Photography Group (two hours): £50 per person
  • Tailored Events TBN

Terms and Conditions

Children under 5 years old may not participate.

All events are covered with full public liability insurance and are risk assessed.

Breck Falconry will not tolerate misbehaviour and will terminate the event should it appear that the birds' welfare is in jeopardy.

All payments to be made payable to: Breck Falconry

If you are interested in booking any of the courses or would like to know more, please contact:

Colin Breck Boardman

Tel/Fax: 01424 210 348