Breck Paintings

Colin Breck Boardman has been a committed artist since 1988 and has a BA (hons) in Fine Art. The works are rooted in the realistic painterly European tradition, which, through the analyisis of light and form within a motif, allows the conveyance of emotions and ideas. He paints and draws mainly from life, and specialises in portraits, still-lives and landscapes based on observation and his understanding of Art History.

Bosworth on the Glove, Oil on Canvas

Hooded Redtailed Hawk, Oil on Canvas

The Falconer's Scales, Oil on Canvas

The Falconer's Glove, Oil on Canvas

Gamebag,Glove & Rabbit, Oil on Canvas

Lures, Oil on Canvas

Hawking Dawn, Oil on Canvas

If you should be interested in purchasing a painting or would like to organise a commission, we would be happy to discuss it with you.