Falconry Gallery

"on the day that he takes a notable bird when the King is not at the place, when the falconer brings the bird to the court it is right for the King to rise before him; and if he does not rise ... to give the raiment he is wearing to the falconer."

The Law of Hywel Dda, 942-950AD

Where is your ‘little shepherd’ bird that went up over you,….'

Gilgamesh epic, Tablet vi, c.2000BC

The falcon flew to ane toun iv miles from Dundee called Rosse and alighted an ane stane which is called the falcon stane and so he got all the lands betwixt Tay and Arole six miles length and four of breadth which lands are still inhabited by his posteritie’.

The Origin of the House of Errol, 980AD

'Into the church then comes another sotte,

Withouten devotion, jetting up and down,

Or to be seene, and showe his garded cote.

Another on his fiste a sparhawke or fawcone,

Or else a cokow; wasting so his shone;

Before the aulter he to and fro cloth wander,

With even as great devotion as doth a gander.

In comes another, his houndes at his tayle,

With lynes and leases, and other like baggage;

His dogges barke, so that withouten fayle,

The whole church is troubled by their outrage.'

Stultifera Navis 1494

"If anyone presume to steal another's falcon, either let that falcon eat six ounces of flesh from his breast (super testones), or if he does not wish, let him be compelled to pay six solidi to the owner of the falcon and a fine of two solidi."

Lex Gundobada 483-516

'I will not remind you that here you first played ball and cast the dice, here you first knew sport with hawk and hound, with horse and bow'

Sidonius Apolinarus, Letter iii, AD 474