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Dating in the 21st century:  pansexual,casual, straightforward, capture or be captured, on to the next adventure.  Five adults of various genders and persuasions pursue happiness, or so they tell themselves, in evolving pairs of friends and lovers:

X and Y are friends.  Y gets Z to help pursue Mirov.  Z pursues Y.  Waitstaff pursues Z.  Waitstaff gets X.  Mirov gets Y.  Y isn’t sure about Z.  Y isn’t sure about Mirov.  X is sure about Waitstaff.  Z pursues Y.  Waitstaff pursues Z.  Mirov dumps Y.  Y wants Z.

Waitstaff wants Y, after X.  Z would rather have Y.   

Who comes out on top?

Excerpt:  Tops 10 pages

2 females 20s-30s; 3 males, 20s-30s