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Maxine, And.

Maxine Crofts is best friends with social worker Louise Nichols, who placed 18-month old Angela with Maxine 15 years ago.  Louise lives in the same
neighborhood as Robbie, who came out trans* in eighth grade and is 19.  Maxine, while gay-friendly, is both repelled by and attracted to Robbie.  Meanwhile, Angela -- forced to go back to her birth parents after 10 years -- keeps Maxine updated on her high-school love life.  When the newest "One" turns out to be Robbie, Maxine is enraged, and nearly destroys all her relationships, including her most precious, with Angela.

See link below for 10-page sample.             

Also, video of a reading of an early version, then titled The Naked C Prompt, is available on request (9 minutes).

Casting: 2 women (40s), one person (19-23) to perform transman
Lynne S. Brandon,
Dec 8, 2016, 12:26 PM