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Mad Cow

Cable TV news-and-views star, Lainie David, is stretched between her New York job and her partner,

Roxanne, living upstate. Newly-elected Senator, Will Russitt, plants a rumor about Lainie to re-energize his constituent base. Lainie’s long hours at the studio push Roxanne to the breaking (up) point, when what Lainie needs is more support than ever. Her fabulous assistant, Renee, loves her job – and Lainie. Russitt has big bucks behind him, but the opposition has its own web of shadowy players. The Radical Right, the Liberal Left, Obama, health care reform and the Great Recession are the backdrop for the personal politics of two of America’s media darlings. What price, success?      

Excerpt:  Mad Cow 10 pgs.pdf

Casting:  5 females, 20s - early 50s; 3 males, 30s-50s

photo by Phil Rankin on