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At The Line

When was the last time you couldn’t help falling in love with “the wrong person?”

Coach Cheyenne Pomeroy, a Black lesbian basketball coach with an outstanding reputation, recruits players nationally to play for Carolina State.  Newcomer Maureen “Mo” Deighton vies with Almeida Marcoz for the prized point guard position; but when Almeida reveals her crush on “Coach”, they become close friends.

Caroline, an assistant coach, pushes Cheyenne to transform their long friendship to a sexual relationship but Pomeroy insists “only for fun.”  When Coach resists the pressure for more, jilted Caroline reports an alleged “impropriety” with a former athlete to the university administration.  In response to slanted national reporting, Pomeroy’s athletes rally to her defense.

Coach chooses to resign rather than jeopardize the futures of her students and staff,  and

take her chances with a European professional team.  But she can’t forget Almeida.

Excerpt:  At The Line 10 pages                

Casting:  3 African-American women, 30s; 1 Latina, late teens; 1 white woman, late teens; 1 white male, 40s; 1 white woman, late 20s; 3-6 minor parts, can be doubled

Film: ‘No More’ scene from “At The Line,” Women Only Productions, 2015.

photo:  Arizona State at Pac-10 Tournament, March 10, 2010 by Steve Rodriguez,

MAY 2018 Workshop Production Program

       AT THE LINE


                       Lynne S. Brandon

                       Directed by Pascale Florestal


Cheyenne Pomeroy                         Christa Brown

Almeida Marcoz                              Rachel Cognata

Caroline                                         Ciera-Sadé Wade

Genine                                           Hayley Spivey

Maureen “Mo” Deighton                  Katie Grindeland

Chris Deighton                                Benjamin Winick

Katy                                               Ivy Ryan

TV Announcer/Voices                      Alexander Stravinski

Stage Directions read by                  Shana Jackson                                    

Stage Manager                                 Aisha Stewart                                    See  Rad Fem Arts on Facebook for the play poster, and more pictures and info!

Dramaturg                                        Sarah Schnebly    

At The Line takes place over two academic years at a

Division I southern US university, with occasional stops in Indiana:

ACT I              The first academic year

        ACT II            August to mid-January, year two

        ACT III           January to August, end of year two

There will be a 10 minute intermission after Act II. 

Jyl Lynn Felman will facilitate the talk-back after the play.

At The Line was “incited” by a series of actual events in March of 2007.

The characters and story in the play are the complete invention of the playwright.