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Dales Voices

These are a series interviews with residents of Grassington recorded at the Octagon theatre Grassington.  The Yorkshire Dales is a very special place not just because of its history and beautiful scenery but also because of the people who live here.  The series is hosted by Grassington GP Doctor Andrew Jackson and attempts to highlight the diversity of talent and life experiences among the residents of Wharfedale.

Dales Voice Helen Wheatley

From building yachts to sailing 18th century ships, from Play School to Dads Army.  These are just a few of the highlights in this interview with Helen Wheatley from the second ‘Dale Voices’ interviews.

Helen has been a teacher a sailor and a TV set designer.  Now she makes her living as a water colour artist. She lives in Grassington


DalesVoice Perry McGee

An interview with someone with vast experience in the worlds of survival, undercover surveillance, man-tracking, drug enforcement, anti-poaching, bush-craft and the teaching of these and related skills.  Perry McGee, who grew up here in The Dales still lives here, and much to our surprise still trains people in survival and tracking skills within Wharfedale.

Perry still lives in Grassington when not traveling the world teaching and training survival and tracking skills.  He has just published a book "No Need To Die II"

DalesVoice Ray Snape

An interview with ‘The shipwrecked mountaineer’. Ray Snape has been a sailor, a house painter, an artist, a poet, a boat builder and a cavalry man. In this interview he talks of his time in the Household Cavalry and his ill fated adventures on his catamaran.

Ray is retired and lives in Grassington where he still writes and performs poetry.

DalesVoice Bill Rhodes

From putting together bits of a lamp holder to designing the BBC’s largest mobile outside broadcast unit is the fascinating journey taken by Bill Rhodes.  In this interview Bill also reveals his personal involvement in the BBC’s coverage of the Israeli athletes kidnapping and subsequent massacre at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Bill and his wife Vera are now retired and live in Grassington.

DalesVoice Carolyn Dean

Carolyn Dean – stunt woman, martial arts, body double and Chinese regional female truck racing champion! Locally this small attractive young lady is known as a shop assistant in the local Spar store.  In this interview she reveals a ‘secret’ life packed with adventure.

DalesVoice Bob Leder

An interview with Bob Leder one time president of RKO pictures, a Hollywood producer, sales director of NBC, originator of the term ‘Rock and Roll’ and most importantly a resident of Grassington for the last 40years.  How did he fit it all in? 


His story is unique, interesting and entertaining with many anecdotes of the rich and famous and an informative look behind the scenes in the worlds of news and entertainment.