6pm 7/27/16

The "Christen" station at 95.3FM in Denver.

"KLDC- Serving God and Country"

They sure as hell aren't serving radio listeners though.


Boulder Free Radio -KBFR LIVES!

Underground... Non-Commercial... Pirate Radio 

Boulder, CO.  USA 

Pirate Radio lives again in Boulder!  We may go by others names and on different frequencies.  We may broadcast live on the air, or streaming over the internet, or both.  We may do it from our homes,  our vehicles, businesses, parties or local bars.  Some days, we don't do anything at all and the air is filled only with static.  Other days, we bring voices and music from other citizens in Boulder and from around the country, and the world.

We're looking for DJ's.  We want to interview and provide air time for local bands.

You can reach as at via email at

You'll hear music and voices that you just ain't gonna hear on the commercial airwaves.

We are more than one person.  We have more than one transmitter and we broadcast from more than one location.  We broadcast at different hours on different days, never following a set schedule.

We will not stop until the airwaves are shared fairly with the people.  We do not want the abolishment of today's radio, we simply want fair and equitable access to the same airwaves.

Until then, we will continue to broadcast a different sound.  A sound created by the people and for the people.