Welcome to the home page of TENNIS BORDERS.
With a host of new activities and initiatives for 2013, and building on the strengths from previous years, we are looking to improve communications through the availability and easy access to relevant adult and junior tennis information. Our aim is that this online area will become a common feature and source of information for parents, guardians, coaches, junior and mini tennis players in the Borders.
This is a website not just for the members of clubs in the Borders but seeks to provide information for all tennis interested adults and juniors in the Borders - allowing them to share their experiences, learnings, and ideas about Borders' tennis and how we can improve the development of the game!
And where do we start? Help us by sharing the link to this website with all your tennis friends, buddies and anyone who you may think would benefit from the information or may have something to contribute!
In advance, many thanks, and keep playing tennis - with the aspiration of going to.................................