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Policies and Rules

Gate and Park Policy
  1. Last person out is to lock the gate when you leave.
  2. Remember that you've paid for the privilege - don't give the combination to non-members.
  3. Keep the grounds and facilities clean. Remove all trash and garbage by placing it in the jumpsters or other containers provided.
  4. Pet owners are responsible to clean up after their pets.
  5. No alcoholic beverages allowed on the grounds. (Unless board approved)
  6. No intoxicated persons allowed on the grounds.
  7. Only members may use the range except during club sponsored events.
  8. A member may bring a guest up once a year.
Trap Range Rules:
  1. All guns are unloaded with actions open until the shooter is on their shooting station.
  2. Guns are to be unloaded with actions open before the shooter leaves their shooting stations.
  3. The scorekeeper or safety officer can ask for the guns to be unloaded for reasons that pertain to the trap repair or safety.
  4. Hearing and eye protection is recommended for all shooters.
  5. Shooters assume responsibility for their own equipment.
  6. Shooters please pick up empty shell cases.
  7. Report any unsafe shooting conditions or unsafe gun handling to the management.
Rifle and Handgun Range Rules:
  1. Treat every firearm as if it was loaded.
  2. No exploding targets of any kind.
  3. All targets will be placed so bullets will impact berms.
  4. No carrying loaded firearms on Ike's property except on firing line. (Active law enforcement personnel exempt).
  5. Shooters must wear ear and eye protection at all times.
  6. No automatic firearms allowed.
  7. All personal targets are to be removed from range and disposed of in barrels.
  8. Please pick up all spent cartridges.and dispose of in barrels. If you have a misfire, please dispose of it in misfire bucket.
  9. No fast draw and firing from holster.
  10. Modern 50 caliber rifles are not allowed on any of our ranges. 
  11. Other rules are in the club house.