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Welcome to the website of the Author, A. G. Moye!  Books with a twist! Creating worlds of fiction with his "Chronicles of the Marauder" series. also with his "A Stranger Comes Crawling" SiFi  books. His Lightning in the Tunnel series, portraying a post-apocalyptic world where survival is second-nature but foremost necessity where anything goes. You will be drawn in by the compelling story-lines and detailed descriptions of this new world. With nine books printed to continue the story, this series will have you begging for more. You can start reading the Series anywhere not necessary in the beginning. "Terra Reigns" is an adventure that will grab you and won't let go! "Changes a Bullet makes"  "A Need for Lightning" is out! Available on Kindle, Nook along with other ereaders and paperback!
 T.T.Gristman is not of the Lightning in the Tunnel Series. It will is out now on Kindle, Nook along with other ereaders also in paperback form. A unique Time travel/adventure with a little love story thrown in about a one armed Mountain man. available on print at on kindle at check your favorite place to get ebooks. They are all there!

"Planet of Midnight Mists" is another alien book but the twist is, the Earthlings are the aliens, read all about it as the story develops on

 A Stranger Comes Crawling is a SiFi about a beautiful female alien coming to Earth that totally disrupts the life of a human leading to strange new adventures and worlds!
T.T. Gristman is a romantic/adventure with a twist! Now available on Kindle  and paperback at
    Brandi's Nightmare is a mystery book. My one and only shot at writing a mystery book. Is now out on Amazon Kindle and paperback.
Chronicles of the Marauder, the first book in the series is now out for your enjoyment at also on paperback at Book Two is now out and available on AND IN PAPER BACK AT ISBN 978-1490527307
Samples of the stories can be found in the section works in progress for your enjoyment! Click on Teaser to download the first few pages of my not published books and enjoy!
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