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Luckily for us, fans have been filming our concerts for years and some kindly shared their results.  However, there are so many that the page loaded too slowly.  So, we've split them up by year.  If you have a video of us (or of someone performing one of our songs) that isn't in this list, please contact Sharon Palmer (smpalmer @ gmail.com).

2012: "Exclamations!" (performed at DragonCon by Marc Gunn and Tom Smith)

2011: "Sailing with Captain Morgan" (Marscon)

2010: "Arthurian Pie" (Farpoint), SPQR (Deep South Con)

2009: "Bastille" (farpoint), "Earth Magic Girls" (Farpoint), "House on Pooh Corner" (Shore Leave), "I'll Rock Your World" (Shore Leave), "I'm Gonna Wreck the Shrine" (Shore Leave), Madagascar (Shore Leave & Robbie Greenberger Memorial Concert), "On my Oath" (Shore Leave), "Outlaw Band of Thieves" (Shore Leave), "Pooka" (Farpoint), "Wanted: Harem Guard" (ShoreLeave).

2008: "Happy to Get Her" (I-Con), "It Seems I'll Have to Rescue You" (I-Con), "The King's Crusades Took My Baby Away" (I-Con), "Oh What a Knight!" (I-Con), "She's a Medusa" (I-Con), "Victor" (I-Con & Shore Leave).

2007: Bloopers, "Brewing in Elsinore" (DragonCon), "Exclamations!" (DragonCon), "Crusade/Jihad" (DragonCon), "Happy to Get Her" from DragonCon, "House on Pooh Corner" (DragonCon), "Hunchback" (DragonCon), "I Walk the Road" (DragonCon), "I'll Rock Your World" (DragonCon), "Polymorph Your Mother" (Shore Leave), "Robbin' Robin" (DragonCon), "Sailing with Captain Morgan" (DragonCon), "The Seven" (DragonCon).

2006: "I Walk the Road" (Shore Leave), "The Hobbit Hole" (Shore Leave).

2005: "Exclamations!" (DragonCon), "The Hobbit Hole" (DragonCon), "Holyland Jazz" (DragonCon), "On My Oath" (DragonCon), "The Seven" (DragonCon), "Top of the Wall" (DragonCon), "Zombie Pete" (DragonCon).

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