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Balticon -- http://www.balticon.org/ -- Memorial Day Weekend. Baltimore, Maryland or vicinity. Science fiction literary convention.

ConCarolinas -- http://www.concarolinas.org/ -- a very friendly convention in Charlotte, NC

DragonCon -- http://www.dragoncon.org/ -- Labor Day Weekend. Atlanta, Georgia. Started as a gaming convention and is now one of the country's largest science fiction conventions for gaming, media, costuming, etc.

Farpoint -- http://www.farpointcon.com/ -- February. Hunt Valley, Maryland. Fan-run science fiction media convention.

Floating East Coast Filk Con -- http://www.nefilk.us/ -- what the title says.

ICON -- http://www.iconsf.org/ -- Science fiction convention at SUNY Stony Brook, New York.

Lunacon -- http://www.lunacon.org/ -- -- Science fiction convention Meadowlands, NJ.

Marcon -- http://www.marcon.org/ -- Columbus, OH

Marscon -- http://www.marscon.net/ -- Williamsburg, VA

Ohio Valley Filk Fest -- http://www.ovff.org/ -- Late October. Dublin, Ohio. Filk convention.

Shore Leave -- http://www.shore-leave.com/ -- Boogie Knights' official home con. Second weekend in July. Hunt Valley, Maryland. Fan-run science fiction media convention.

Filk Performers:

Brobdingnagian Bards -- http://www.TheBards.net/ -- a pair of talented, and slightly demented, performers from Texas you really should see & hear.

Chromatics -- http://www.thechromatics.com/ -- a very talented, a cappella group composed of rocket scientists from NASA in Maryland!

Denebian Slime Devils -- http://www.slimedevils.net/ -- a very fun group of filkers from Maryland.

Emerald Rose -- http://www.emeraldrose.com/mainpage.htm -- a very entertaining celtic rock group with pagan leanings from Georgia.

The Lost Boys -- www.thelostboysonline.com -- a Georgia group recommended to us that combines kilts, electric guitars, and Renn Faires. Look like they could be fun. They're certainly handsome.

Steve MacDonald -- http://www.stevemacdonald.org -- a talented and friendly filker.

Ookla the Mok -- http://www.ooklathemok.com/ -- a crazy and inspired filk group from Buffalo, NY.

The Pyrates Royale -- http://www.pyrates.com/ -- a non-traditional traditional folk group.

Bill and Gretchen Roper -- http://www.filker.com/ -- two very talented songwriter-performers, who also happen to sell our CDs. (For which we are very grateful.)

Carla Ulbrich -- http://www.carlau.com -- talented and funny lady

Urban Tapestry -- http://www.musesmuse.com/ut/ -- a Toronto trio of talented troubadours.


KMH Recording Studio-- http://www.kmh-recording.com/ -- the studio in Lusby, MD where our CDs were recorded by Sound Engineer Keith Harancher. We love this guy.

Destinies on WUSB (90.1 FM) -- http://wusb.fm/audio/hear_us.shtml -- The Voice of Science Fiction on SUNY Stony Brook campus hosted by Dr. Howard Margolin at 11:30pm on Fridays. On 26 August 2005, Destinies has featured the Boogie Knights' performances and interviews at I-Con.  Archived at http://www.captphilonline.com/Destinies.html.

Charm City Mix on http://www.krushradio.com/ -- Tuesday evenings 6-8PM Eastern. -- A very entertaining internet radio show featuring music from or about the Baltimore region.  Theyve featured the Boogie Knights several times.  

Prometheus Radio Theatre -- http://www.prometheusradiotheatre.com -- Acting group Dave and John perform with.

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