Meet the Knights

Boogie Knights at DragonCon 2005 (photo by Oscar Cwajbaum)

The Boogie Knights at DragonCon 2005.
John Scheeler, Kate (Greenberger) Pakaski, Linda Swann, Heather Scheeler Bagnall, Sharon Palmer.
(Missing: Dave Keefer, Keith DeCandido.) Photo by Oscar Cwajbaum. (http://www.oscarc.net)

 Dave (photo by Em Baisch)
Theodoric of York, Medieval Disk Jockey
, a.k.a. Dave Keefer, the original Boogie Knight (1982) and our group's "Fearless Leader." Sings bass; plays kazoo, tambourine, maracas, and "egg". Chief Lyricist. Coordinates all Boogie Knight concerts.
Check out his livejournal at: http://theo_knight.livejournal.com or email him at: Dave@boogie-knights.org.
  John Scheeler (photo by Tish Wells)
Sir John of Denver
, a.k.a. John Scheeler, an original Boogie Knight (1982) and our group's accompanist. Sings tenor; plays guitar, kazoo, and occasionally piano. Lyricist, composer.
Check out his page at www.MySpace.com/boogie_knight
or email him at John@boogie-knights.org
Sharon Palmer (photo by Tish Wells)    

Dionne of Warwicke
, a.k.a. Sharon "Smap" Palmer, member since 1987. Sings alto; plays kazoo and occasional percussion. Lyricist. Web Mistress.  CD Wrangler.
  Kate Greenberger (photo by Steve Lesnik, 2010)
Alice, the Cooper's Daughter
, a.k.a. Kate (Greenberger) Pakaski, member 2003-2006, 2007-. Sings soprano; plays kazoo & occasional percussion. Only Boogie Knight younger than the group. Her live journal is cairokate.blogspot.com  

 Linda Swann. (Photo by Tish Wells)

Lady Pinque
, a.k.a. Linda Swann, member since 2004.
Sings soprano or alto as needed; plays kazoo and occasional percussion. Has started writing lyrics.
  Keith R. A. DeCandido (Photo by Tish Wells)
Krad the Obscure
, a.k.a. Keith R.A. DeCandido, member since 2006. Plays percussion.
Check out his website: http://www.decandido.net
or his live journal: http://kradical.livejournal.com
Lynn Cunningham (aka "Mad Donna"), photo by  

Mad Donna
, a.k.a. Lynn Cunningham, member since 2012. Sings soprano or alto as needed. Plays bodhran.


Knights of Yore

John Scheeler, Barbara Thompson, Julie Ahrens, Bob Ahrens, Dan Coggins, Eric Burch, Mary Keefer, David Keefer.
October 1986 (photo by Sharon Palmer)

Syd DeVicious (Bob Ahrens)
-- original Boogie Knight, lyricist, baritone -- 1982-1999. Check out his blog at:
  The Baron Manilow (Lance Woods) -- original Boogie Knight, prolific lyricist, tenor -- 1982-1990.
Melissa of Manchester (Julie Ahrens) -- soprano -- 1984-1999.   Anne of Denver(Barb Helfer) -- original Boogie Knight, soprano -- 1982-2004.
Dan Coggins Ranger Rick of Springfield (Dan Coggins) -- baritone -- 1985-1997.   Ozzie Lowborn (Chuck Coates) -- bass -- 1988-1992.
 Heather (head shot) Sarah of MacLaughlin, a.k.a. Heather Bagnall (Scheeler) -- Soprano -- 1997-2011. Also played kazoo and claviers.   Franklin of Avalon (T.A. Chafin) -- baritone, one concert at Penn Fest.  
  Kinky Dee (Kat Wheatley) -- soprano, one concert at Rovacon 1988.  

Knights of Lore (Honorary Knights)

Sir George of the Helm: George Takei Yang the Nauseating: the late Robert Asprin
  Our Interpreter:
"Hands" Christian Anderson:
Meredith Peruzzi

Sir Jake de Bleu:  
Howard Weinstein

Sir Elwood de Bleu:  
Robert Greenberger
Our Squire,
The Dread Pirate Robbie: the late
Robbie Greenberger
Our Roadie:
Hollin Totes:
Jimmy Swann
Jimmy Swann

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