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For information on CDs or for any suggestions/questions regarding the web pages,
please contact Sharon Palmer at smapalmer @ gmail.com

If you'd like the Boogie Knights to perform at your event, contact
   Dave Keefer at boogieknightsfilk @ yahoo.com or
   John Scheeler at john.scheeler63 @ gmail.com or
   Sharon Palmer at smapalmer @ gmail.com

Email the rest of the Knights:
  Kate Pakaski at kgreenberger @ gmail.com
  Keith DeCandido at keith @ decandido.net
  Linda Swann at jimswyfe1 @ gmail.com
Lynn Cunningham at selkiesyrin @ yahoo.com

Send real mail to:
  Boogie Knights
  c/o Sharon M. Palmer
  11804 Banyan Tree Court
  Beltsville, MD 20705-1583

Sketch of Boogie Knights by Sharon Palmer John Scheeler Heather Scheeler Barbara Helfer, retired Dave Keefer Sharon "Smap" Palmer The Boogie Knights in 1999: Sharon Palmer, Dave Keefer, Barbara Helfer, Heather Scheeler, John Scheeler. Art by Sharon Palmer.

If you'd like to be notified about concerts, CDs, and general Boogie Knights news, you can follow us on:

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myspace logo with link to bkfilk pageThe MYSPACE page for bkfilk [http://www.myspace.com/bkfilk]

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Last Updated:   28 September 2013
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