Boogie Knights
21st Century Filks for the Middle Ages
(or is it the other way around?)

Knights! Dragons! Wizards! Damsels in Distress!

Boogie Knights, 2013.  Back: Linda Swann, Kate Pakaski, Sharon Palmer, David Keefer, Keith DeCandido.  Front:  Lynn Cunningham, John Scheeler Boogie Knights (2013) Back: Linda Swann, Kate Pakaski, Sharon Palmer, David Keefer, Keith DeCandido. Front: Lynn Cunningham, John Scheeler

Songs of daring-do with nary a hey nonny nonny.  The Boogie Knights have parodied everything from commercial jingles to TV and movie themes, from golden oldies to the latest top-40 songs.

The Boogie Knights is a group of performers who create and sing history- and fantasy-inspired parodies of modern songs.  The group was created at the science fiction convention Shore Leave (near Baltimore, MD) in 1982 and they've been performing at science fiction conventions and the occasional renaissance festival ever since. 

Their first three CDs ("Cavalier Attitude", "Oh the Horror!" and "Hysterically Inaccurate") are out of print, and two of their CDs ("Of Mythic Distortions" and "Many a Sleepless Knight") are in short supply, but their newest CD ("Wasted Days and Wasted Knights") is readily available via CD Baby.  (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/boogieknights1)

Check out the videos fans have recorded over the years!


9 JAN 2015 - Yes, I am absolutely lame when it comes to updating our website!  -- Smap (aka Dionne of Warwicke)

27 SEP 2014 - Alice, the Cooper's Daughter got married!  Kate's new last name is Pakaski.

7 JUN 2014 - Our guitarist, Sir John of Denver got married.

1 FEB 2013 - We have a new CD! "Wasted Days and Wasted Knights" is now available. 18 songs, lyrics, photos!

16 OCT 2012 - The Boogie Knights were one of the topics discussed in the Pros & Cons Podcast (#4) Interview with Chris Addotta and Ame Morris who run Marscon's incomparable Con Suite.

"Pros and Cons is a new podcast from musicians Mikey Mason and Jonah Knight. The show explores the soundtrack to geek music and scifi convention culture with discussions, interviews, and the music itself. What geek music and musicians need to be heard? What science fiction and fantasy conventions need to be experienced? How do the worlds of film, TV, tabletop RPGs, and every other awesome thing get explored in the music of fandom?"

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