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Planning to live in Bolivia, here's a Web Site to help you making the planning arrengements easy

Making plans to live in Bolivia (South America), we found an excellent blog with lots of valuable information and tips about Bolivia. The web site's name is Living or Moving to Bolivia, at this blog you can find city guides, find hotels or travel agencies, maps, videos photos, etc. Click here see it.

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If you are curiosity to learn about the Bolivian Food or if you are Boliviano and you miss the taste of our food, our web site is exactly what you were looking for. 
Click on the following link to find the best Bolivian restaurants around the world; whether you are in USA, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, etc. Here we give you the best Directory of Bolivian Restaurants around the world around the world on the internet.



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Use this link to find the best Bolivians Wines today. The wines produced in Bolivia are called Vinos de Altura (wines of altitude), because of the altitude at wich the grape is grown in this amazing country, wines of excellent qualities and the taste. They are exported around the world. Read more
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Golf in Bolivia

Yes Bolivia has golf courses and they’re in excellent condition for the game. Golf in Bolivia is not as popular as football (or soccer for Americans), but there are many golf enthusiasts who practice it regularly. There are courses like the one in Mallasilla on the outskirts of La Paz, is the highest golf course in the world, recently recommended by Golf Diggest as one of the best golf courses outside the U.S., many players say that thanks to altitude of La Paz the ball can travel more easily and more upright than in any other field in the world. You can also play in any of the fields located in Cochabamba and Santa Cruz surrounded by the beautiful Amazon jungle. For more information about golf courses in Bolivia and its characteristics, we suggest you to visit the Bolivia Golf. It’s full of relevant information for golf enthusiasts, course details, maps, weather, etc.