While Bogong to Hotham is a largely self-sufficient run, there will be basic supplies at various Checkpoints along the course, depending on the availability of volunteers. Runners must check-in at the Major Checkpoints and if manned, also at the Minor Checkpoints. The main Checkpoints are:
  • Mountain Creek Campground (start)
  • Langford Gap (finish 35km)
  • Bogong High Plains Road
  • Mt Hotham (finish)
Minor Checkpoints depending on volunteers:
  • Bogong Summit
  • Cleve Cole Hut
  • Ropers Hut
  • Warby Corner
  • Aqueduct Junction
  • Pole 333
  • Dibbins Hut
  • Derrick Hut

Checkpoint Food and Drinks

Each checkpoint will have different food and drinks depending upon it accessibility, as outlined in the Course Sections.  It is highly recommended that runners carry their own food for consumption during the run, in addition to that available at checkpoints. There will be NO cups at the minor checkpoints and only limited cups for softdrinks at major aid stations.

Limited Food- Possibly at Cleve Cole Hut, Ropers Hut, Dibbins Hut

Lollies only (i.e. snakes)

Additional Food - Warby Corner and Derrick Hut and Pole 333

Lollies (i.e. snakes)
Oranges (approx 1/2 per runner)

Full Food and Aid - Langford Gap, Bogong High Plains Road and Mount Hotham

Fruit cake

Drop Bags

Runners can have dropbags taken to the Langfords Gap and Mount Hotham checkpoints. These must be deposited in the appropriate receptacle at the Pre-Run Check In on Saturday. There will be no provision to deposit drop bags on the morning of the run.

Drop Bags must be clearly marked with name, race number and designated checkpoint.  Please try to keep dropbags to a reasonable size.

After a checkpoint closes the dropbags will be transported back to Mt Beauty for collection. Any unclaimed dropbags after the presentation will be disposed of.


No food, drink or equipment may be stashed along the course by runners.


There will be ample water available along the course, as outlined in the Course Sections.  At checkpoints where water is being brought in specifically for the run, there will be approximately 500ml to 1000ml available per runner.  The specific amounts at each location will be detailed at the Mandatory Briefing on Saturday. Water from natural sources should be treated before drinking. 

Runners are advised to carry a minimum of 1 litre of water - see Mandatory Gear.