Radio Operators

The wireless operators have become an 

integral part of this event, to the extent that the event 

would not exist without them. Every year a sum of money is 

donated to the radio club from the proceeds of the race 

entries to put towards maintaining their equipment.



Bob Tait was responsible for co-ordinating the partnership 
that developed between B2H and the Amateur Radio 
Operators. Here he has supplied some information 
on how the wireless operators became involved with the 
Bogong to Hotham Run. The background story 
as told by Bob: 

"Geoff Hooke was running the event under great difficulty 
in the early days as there was no efficient means of 
getting messages passed down the line to the next 
check point except by using the runners and some old 
CB radios which did not work very well. As Geoff and I 
were in the Victorian Veterans running club, I made the 
suggestion to him that we could use the services on the 
Amateur radio network to give safety communications 
and pass results to controllers at the half way point and 
the finish at Hotham.  
Mt Hotham acted as the main control point for the race 
as most check point could be heard from there. When 
start time approached the radio station at the start would 
open the microphone to the operators on Mt Hotham to 
start the stop watch so accurate times could be given. 
This proved to be very helpful as it was not possible for 
the race controller to drive from the start to Watchbed 
Creek and then on to Mt Hotham before the first runners 
Geoff and I agreed that the radio operators must wait 
until all runners cleared the next check point before 
packing up and walking out. On the Bogong section the 
operators at the start wait until the runners clear Ropers 
Hut; as the Ropers operator will follow the runners out to 
Watchbed Creek. On the second section the operator at 
Dibbins follows the runners out to Hotham. On the 
intermediate sections all operators go out in the opposite 
direction to the runners so they must wait until the 
runners clear the next check point.  
Spare a thought for those who walk in with radio gear, 
batteries, poles and antenna plus their normal camping 
gear. These guys do a great job to ensure the safety of 
runners in this challenging event. 
All The Best Bob Tait VK3XP."