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Management committee

The BNTRC Committee is composed of: 

a. BNTRC Chairperson 
    1. This position is an annual appointment (January to January) 
    2. The post of BNTRC chair cannot be held for two consecutive (1 year) terms 
    3. The BNTRC chair must be a trainee in a UK national programme . The BNTRC chair cannot simultaneously hold a position on the BNTA committee. 
    5. The BNTRC chair is responsible for upholding the constitution of the collaborative and representing the best interests of the members. 
    6. The BNTRC chair or their nominated deputy, will, for the duration of their term only, represent the BNTRC at any national body. 
    7. The BNTRC chair will be invited to sit on SBNS Academic Committee meetings. 
    8. The BNTRC chair will be invited to sit on the committee of the BNTA for the duration of their term. 

b. BNTRC study leads 
    1. Any member who has set up or is the nominated lead organiser of any study is required to sit on the BNTRC committee until the publication of the main paper from their study. 

c. British Neurosurgery Trainee Association (BNTA) chair 

d. British Neurosurgery Trainee Association (BNTA) academic representative 

e. BNTRC data manager 
    1. This committee member will be responsible for the collation, storage and dissemination of collaborative study data when directed by the study steering group. vi. Such other             officers the collaborative shall deem necessary at the meeting

How do I become a member of the BNTRC committee?

There are three routes to becoming a member of the committee:
  1. Become a study lead: the best way to do this is to put forward a proposal for a project and then work with the BNTRC to develop it into a national study
  2. Become involved with the BNTA committee: if you a UK neurosurgical trainee - you can become involved with the BNTRC committee by taking the post of BNTA chair or academic representative
  3. Data curator: if you are highly adept at IT data management and web hosting then you could become involved with the committee as the BNTRC data curator