The choir has  developed a substantial portfolio  of songs from a wide range of musical genres. Some you will recognize as typical "Male Voice"  favourites but others you might not immediately associate with choirs at all.  Each year, our Musical Director Robin Cheer introduces new songs, a number of which he has completely re-arranged to suit a 4 part male choir. Quite a challenge when you consider some songs were originally performed by solo artists, a number of them female.    The choir will normally perform around 14 songs in each concert, supplemented by performances from guest artists, both instrumental and vocal.
Many of our patrons will attend several concerts each season so it is important that we are able to offer a variety of music that keeps everything fresh. 
In total the choir has performed over 200 different songs over the last 50 years, some of which are still included in our current repertoire. In  particular "Seventy Six Trombones"  which featured our very first programme remains a popular favourite to this day.

You will see here a list of our current portfolio which we hope you will find of interest, and encourage you to come along to one of our concerts in the near future.

 Cwm Rhondda  One of the best known Welsh hymns of all time and a huge favourite with our audiences.
 Calon Lan   Popular hymn translated to English by Malcolm Cowen. Special arrangement by Robin Cheer.
 Godre'r Coed  Often referred to as "When All Thy Mercies, O My God" features regularly on our performance roster.
 Rachie    Well known  hymn that is often sung  at the start of Welsh rugby matches. The unusual name is derived from Rachael who was the daughter of the minister of the Jerusalem Chapel, Resolven, South Wales where the song was first performed in 1918.
 Skye Boat Song A song that requires little introduction having been a standard Scottish favourite for over 100 years. Tells the story of the escape to Skye of Bonnie Prince Charlie after his defeat at Culloden.
 Border Ballad A spirited, heroic ballad written as a poem by Sir Walter Scott and later set to music by J Maunder. Also popularly known as "Blue Bonnets Over The Border"
 Eriskay Love Lilt Beautifully crafted traditional folk song from the Hebrides. Our version was arranged specially for our choir by Robin Cheer.
 Uist Tramping SongA rousing,traditional walking song which was a favourite with such performers as Kenneth McKellar and Robert Wilson
 An American TrilogyA really iconic piece of music. Immoralised by Elvis Presley,  it is actually 3 songs from the American Civil war conjoined in a beautiful arrangement that is often used by the choir as a concert finale.
 All Night All Day 
 By the Riverside 
 My Lord What a Morning 
 God's Choir A fabulously uplifting piece of music with a very unusual tenor descant that the choir love performing.  Often used as the opening piece of our concerts.
 Morte Christe 
 How Great Thou Art Derived from a Swedish hymn originally written in 1885, the song has undergone numerous updates and translations over the years and has been recorded by dozens of artists including Tom Jones and Elvis Pressley. It features large in numerous "best hymn" lists and was recently voted the most popular hymn ever performed on "Songs of Praise" 
 Sunset Poem 
 Every Time I Feel the Spirit 
 Just Another Star 
 Rejoice and Be Merry 
 Christmas Cheer 
 Winter Wonderland 
 The Holly and the Ivy 
 In The Bleak Midwinter 
 O Holy Night 
 Mistletoe & Wine 
 Mary's Boy Child 
 Just Another Star 
 Sussex Carol 
 Some Enchanted Evening Love song from South Pacific
 There is Nothing Like a Dame South Pacific favourite
 There's a Coach Coming In 
 Camelot A bright catchy number from the Musical of the same name.
 Entrance and March of Peers 
 The Ghosts High Noon 
 Seventy Six Trombones  
 Stout Hearted Men 
A British Tar 
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. A haunting and riveting piece of music from Phantom of The Opera. The original version was written for a solo female (Sarah Brightman). Our version, suitable for a 4 part male voice choir,  was written by Robin Cheer.
 Bring Him Home Haunting melody from Les Miserables
 Phantom of The Opera Signature  tune from musical of the same name.
 Do You Hear the People Sing Rousing chorus from Les Miserables
 The RoseAn instantly recognised song that has been recorded by many artists over the years but the 1979 original by Bette Midler is still considered the best. This is a very special version written exclusively for our choir. by Robin Cheer.
 When I fall in Love. 
 Conquest of Paradise A tune that is immediately familiar, but words that don't make sense.  The tune has been adopted by many rugby, football and cricket teams as their team anthem and as an introduction to many other sporting events. The words are a sort of pseudo Latin that defy translation as they have been written to enhance the sound rather that tell any sort of story.
 Bridge Over Troubled Water An all time classic from 1970 that catapulted Simon & Garfunkel to the top of the hit parade. With sales of over 6 million records it is one of the best selling singles of all time.
 Let It Be MeBased on an earlier French recording the song will always be associated with the Everly Brothers who made it their signature tune in 1960. Subsequently recorded by over 100 artists and one of our favorites.
 Goodnight Ladies 
 ImagineOne of John Lennon's most famous songs, becoming more poignant in the face of escalating world unrest.
 The Mermaid 
 What Would I do Without My Music A favourite of our Norwegian friends who performed this on their recent visit to Berwick. We are now delighted to have added it to our own repertoire.
 Calm is the Sea 
 Songs of Picardy A superb medley of 14 songs from the first and second World Wars including such favourites as "Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag"  and "It's A Long Way To Tipperaray".  Arranged by Robin Cheer to commemorate the centenary of the start of World War 1. 
 Bring Me Sunshine A song that most of us would recognise as the signature tune of Morecambe and Wise, although this a much changed version of the original, arranged by Robin Cheer
 When the Saints Go Marching In 
 Back to The Sixties 
 Last Of The Summer Wine 
 Bridge Over Troubled Water 
 Standing On The Corner 
 Softly As I Leave You