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Dogs at BLISS

We are happy to allow one or two dogs at Bliss and the local area is perfect for a holiday with your canine companion.

Dogs at BLISS must be by prior arrangement and a small charge will be made.

All we ask is that wet dogs are kept off of the sofas and that the sofas are protected with throws (please bring your own) during any on sofa cuddling time once the woofers are dry.

We do not allow dogs to sleep on the beds for the future comfort of all guests. 

The area is fantastically dog friendly and we ask whenever possible that dogs are not left unattended in the chalet. Should you leave your dog unattended please be absolutely sure that it won't cause any damage to the chalet or noise nuisance to our neighbours.

Please clean up after your dog and keep them onlead in the chalet park.

Bowls are provided for food and water and there are washing up bowls in the chalet specifically for washing off muddy paws outside (please also remember to bring towels for drying).

The Beach for Dogs

The main area of beach at Mundesley is Dog Free during the main season however either side of the specified areas is ok. If you walk down the alley behind Link Chalet Park and turn Right on the main beach road you will see a large imposing building that is in a poor state of repair, if you walk down beside that building you can access the dog friendly beach from there (you can drive there too as there is a free car park) However please note this route has a steep slope down to the beach and may not be suitable for all. You may prefer to use the main entrance and turn right (remaining on the concrete path) until you reach the end of the dog exclusion zone at which point you can access the beach with your dog. The entire beach is dog friendly between October and May.