Lady Jean Tweet and the Birdsong Shoppe on Elkhart’s main street

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Nancy Rollings Saul/THE COURIER

Owner Jean Tweet poses at her new shop, 

Birdsong, in downtown Elkhart. 

Listen and Watch Jean Tweet Play

Email Jean: Jetmusic@comcast.net

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This shoppe is jam packed with wonderful books, many out of print and of course a diverse collection of an expert collector.
There is jewelry, clothing, toys, books for adults and children, cases, purses and you name it, Jean probably has one!

Jean will play the violin for you if you ask her to do so, and so while you are browsing you are treated to live music from a concert violinist. 

She plays with her own quartet and with the symphony orchestra.

Elkhart, Illinois is a little town packed with history and this shoppe is at the heart of it all.

Visit her and call her on Main Street.

Elkhart is a little ways north of Springfield, Illinois.

Elkhart, IL 62634

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