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Perafort village is located in Catalonia, it's 8 kms from Tarragona and 100 Kms from Barcelona. It has got more or less 1235 inhabitants.

It's a small village, but they do a lot of cultural activities. The population lives mainly from the country and the industry.
As it is very close to Tarragona, daily lives related to the big city: shopping, check-ups, jobs...

It is aquiet and peaceful village. It's famous for "coca de Perafort", it's like a bread made of onion or spinach. They also do sweet ones with chocolate and cream. They're delicious!!

Josep Veciana School is a state school composed by 183 students. Our school is located in Perafort village, but it receives students from some nearby small villages.
The main part of our students are from Catalonia, but we've also got different nationalities in the classroom as Moroccan or Romanian.

In our school we learn three different languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. Our students starts school at 3 years old and finish it at 12 years old , and they go to high school in a nearby town call "Els Pallaresos".