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Primary School in Wiry.

  • Our school’s name is Great Poland Insurrectionists. It was built over 50 years ago.
  • Our school is a typical countryside school with about 370 students.
  • Students come to the school when they are 6 and they learn up to 12.
  • There are o lot of school activities: e.g. drama club, extra sport classes, voluntary service, supportive classes etc.
  • The advantage of our school is the location. The nearness of big city from one side and the National Park on the other side gives us the best possibilities for the development.

In autumn the students were involved in workshop about migration, feathers etc.

 In spring the students took part in the special lessons about birds.

The students from Erasmus group  went for a trip to Castorama

Izabela Witkowska,
11 Jul 2017, 04:34