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Az oldal célja, hogy a pályázattal kapcsolatos hírek, információk azonnal megjelenjenek valamennyi a projektben dolgozó munkatárs részére. Ezekről az első oldalon rövid kivonat jelenik meg.

A pályázat végterméke

posted 6 Dec 2018, 04:25 by BIRDS Administrator

Ez a WEB2-es felület az Erasmus+ BIRDS - Elaboration of a research-based, integrated science learning programme 15/0100-KA2SE/13509 pályázat végterméke.

This WEB2 webpage is the Erasmus+ BIRDS - Elaboration of a research-based, integrated science learning programme15/0100-KA2SE/13509 final product the project.

Programpackage: http://www.grapponyi.hu/files/Birdspp.pdf

Birds ackredit: http://www.grapponyi.hu/files/Birdakr.pdf

Aurél Puskás

posted 13 Apr 2017, 12:02 by BIRDS Administrator

Dear Colleagues,

As we agreed in Vechta, I summarize the tasks that have been carried out so far or will be done with the students and should be documented in our project work.

All the information, sources and forms that will be the most important to us in our work in the following half a year, have been collected in one place, on the Google Sites page.

In order to have trancparency the Action Researche storage has been created on the beginning page.

See and open below!


I wish all of you happy Easter holidays!:


Aurél Puskás

News from Aurél after Vechta

posted 10 Apr 2017, 06:02 by BIRDS Administrator   [ updated 10 Apr 2017, 06:15 ]

Dear Partners!
I will send you the most important informations and dokuments till 14 April.
See you soon in this page!

Comments to the pilot documents

posted 4 Jul 2016, 03:50 by István Gerse   [ updated 5 Jul 2016, 05:18 by BIRDS Administrator ]

Dear Partners, as we discussed in Perafort, you have the opportunity to comment on or add to the documents uploaded here till the end of June. Then we finalize the Programme package (which involves at least 24 hours of lessons) till the 10th of July.

This package then will be tested  by you and the students in the 2016/17. school year.

 Two additional documents till the 10th of July:

  •  an input and output measurement document belongs to the package which will be prepared by us
  • also in progress the translation of the "Work hypothesis on the reinforcement and maintenance of the interest of the students in natural sciences” that was prior to the program package 


posted 8 Dec 2015, 04:48 by István Gerse   [ updated 8 Dec 2015, 04:48 by BIRDS Administrator ]

Kedves Kolléga!
Üdvözlöm a Birds of Europ című projekt kollaborációs rendszerében.
Sok sikert és örömöt kívánunk a projekt lebonyolításához

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