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II. Student Camp - Poland


on the one-week programme of the International Erasmus + Birds camp.

Project organized in Wiry, Poland.

As a part of the project Erasmus + Birds, the second student camp took place in Wiry, Poland from 21st to 25th November 2016.  There were participants from six European countries: Hungary, Romania, Germany, Spain, Island and Poland; 28 guests children and 11 teachers.

The host Polish school organised the meeting according previously presented programme. The main aim of the student camp was bird watching, broadening the knowledge about bird occurrence, migration, life style and protection. During the meeting guests had also an opportunity to familiarise with tradition and customs characteristic to Wielkopolska region. Another goal of the camp was an integration of students from different countries and development of their English language skills. The guest students were living at Polish families, so they could observe habits in every-day-life in Poland.

The First Day – Monday, 21st of November

The meeting started from integrating games. The purpose was to present all children and familiarise everyone with foreign names. Students sang a popular tune as a hello song, they exchange native names of chosen birds, and they took part in  other activities having fun and getting know each other.

After the lunch break children made bird pictures on T-shirts, and then wearing these T-shirts they learnt Zumba dance and made show to the parents.

The Second Day – Tuesday, 22nd of November

There was the excursion to Wielkopolska National Park Museum in Jeziory. Students learnt about the attractions of Wielkopolska National Park. They watched the film about WNP, completed worksheets, and they went for a walk in a forest.

Afternoon, all participants painted bird feeders, listening the forester talking about feeding birds in winter time.

At the end of the day, Polish students presented their performance “Lazy Bird”. After that, all national groups showed their “bird dances” prepared earlier at home. All these performances were watched by the representatives of Local Government. They had gifts for all national teams: the book about Wielkopolska National Park with a fag and emblem of Komorniki Council ( were Wiry is located ).

The Third Day – Wednesday, 23rd of November

In the morning there was the excursion to the Agriculture Museum in Szreniawa (near Wiry). The participants of the camp listened about Polish traditions. They made paper flowers which were  used for decorations of Polish houses times ago. They also learnt that in Polish tradition women liked wearing red corals or their imitations. Children could make by their own bracelets or necklaces.

Afternoon at school there was a lunch and some relaxing time ( for some playground, for some coffee ). Next,  students were making pendants of play dough, mostly as figures of birds. In that time teachers engaged in Erasmus+ had a meeting to discuss  matters connected  with the current and the next student camp.

The Fourth Day – Thursday, 24th of November

All guests had a possibility to be at English or German lesson in Polish school. Then everybody went to Poznań city to the Old Market. The Erasmus group visited an old baroque basilica Fara, at noon they saw figures of goats on the Town Hall tower tricking 12 times. Then they attended the croissant workshop in the Museum of Croissant.    Guests learn about secrets of Wielkopolska traditional recipe for special croissant made in Poznan especially in November for Saint Martin Day. Volunteers took part in preparing the pastry for croissants, and then everybody could taste ready croissants.

After the lunch break there was a trip to Deli Park  in Rosnówko, where after workshop about birds occurring in Poland, children could use all attractions of this funfair. After getting dark all participants had a walk in beautifully illuminated park.

The Fifth Day – Friday , 25th of November

In the morning the day started from learning hip hop. Then was time for summing up, giving away certificates, souvenirs  and saying good bye.   The meeting ended and all guests went home. We wished them good trips and thanked for being here.

The Polish team:

Janusz Judziński

Katarzyna Woyczikowska

Katarzyna Wawrzyniak

Renata Kozłowska

Patrycja Szamara

Katarzyna Szulc

Alicja Żurawiak

Izabela Witkowska

As a part of the project Erasmus + Birds, the second student camp took place in Wiry, Poland from 21st to 25th November 2016.  

There were participants from six European countries: Hungary, Romania, Germany, Spain, Island and Poland; 28 guests children and 11 teachers. 


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