This section has a variety of resources for you including the Steward Handbook, and several resources for teaching and learning about the coastal ecology.

For more resources please search on LEARN NC at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (

Steward Handbook

Map of the Bird Island Reserve

Bird Island Site Brochure

Kiosk Interpretive Panels

Information on protecting nesting birds:

Beach Nesting Birds

How to Help Beach Nesting Birds

Cornell's Guide to Birds

Information on sea turtles:

Sunset Beach Turtle Watch

Facts about the loggerhead sea turtle

There is a Carolina Environmental Diversity Explorations virtual field trips resource on the LEARN NC site - The Outer Coastal Plain Province is the most relevant.


Lesson Plans from the NC Coastal Reserve and National Estuarine Research Reserve:

Lesson Plans and Field Guide

Resources from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission:

Coastal Plains Habitat



Resources from the NC Sea Grant Program:

Resources Library

The official webpage for the Bird Island Coastal Reserve is at:

Bird Island Reserve

(This site has the Management Plan for the Reserve and the Historical Research Report of 2002 by Dennis Daniels. That report has extensive information on the history of Bird Island.)

General Information:

The History of Sunset Beach