About the Bird Island Stewards

The general responsibilities of Stewards are:

  • Provide an active and visible presence on Bird Island from June through August.

  • Walk or bike the island as frequently as possible wearing Bird Island Steward t-shirt and/or hat.

  • Inform inquiring citizens about BIPS, Bird Island & Kindred Spirit mailbox.

  • Contact the appropriate officials when necessary, e.g. Sunset Beach Code Enforcement, Police or Fire Departments, Turtle Coordinator, etc.

  • Keep the Board informed of issues that may need to be addressed by the Board.

  • Direct tourists to the informational signs located near the Gazebo.

  • Carry a cell phone and a trash bag.

  • Relax and enjoy Bird Island!

Official Policies for the State Reserve:

  • All pets must remain under the total control of their owner(s) at all times by the use of leads, leashes or other restraining devices. (Reserve Policy)

  • Visitors to the Reserve shall not disturb or remove any live animals, vegetation, or artifacts from the site unless it is part of an approved research or educational project. (Permit Required from Reserve)

  • All visitors must remove their own trash. (State Law)

  • Public camping is not allowed. (Reserve Policy)

  • Open fires are not e shall be subject to laws concerning public decency. (State Law)

Bird Island is part of the NC Coastal Reserve and National Estuarine Research Reserve System. Learn more at their website.

Bird Island Stewards are committed to supporting the mission of the Bird Island Preservation Society and the NC Coastal Reserve Program. The role of the stewards is formally incorporated in the Management Plan for the Reserve.

Stewards are volunteers who provide an active and visible presence on Bird Island from June through August. Stewards have no enforcement authority, but they work with the public to gain their cooperation in obeying posted regulations and by providing information about the island.

Join us!