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Hevruta Hebrew

In small study groups of 3-5 students, our children learn and explore the Hebrew language. Joined by others at a similar Hebrew level and guided by one of our master teachers, each hevruta moves at its own pace. Following registration in YAFE, we will give you a variety of options (days and times) for when your child’s Hevruta Hebrew group will meet. You will rank your top three choices and we will create your child’s group.

To explore Hebrew while acquiring the skills to participate and lead tefillah for our congregation, and in addition to our experienced and dedicated faculty, we utilize the Shalom Uvrachah and Kol Yisrael Hebrew text books from Behrman House. These exciting texts generate enthusiasm and excitement from teachers, students and parents. Our students learn to read Hebrew and enjoy a sense of accomplishment as they progress through a series of well-organized and stimulating exercise with an integrated online/computer component for reinforcement at home.
The enduring understandings of this curriculum are:
  • Prayers and rituals teach us about Jewish values and mitzvot.
  • When we know how to recite prayers, and what they mean, we feel like a participating member of our Jewish community.
Shalom Uvracha: The New Hebrew Primer
and Interactive CDRom is used by our youngest Hevruta Hebrew students. Every feature of this primer--from its ground-breaking methodology to its vibrant, streamlined design--has been years in the making. Shalom Uvrachah--The New Hebrew Primer teaches decoding skills from key cultural words and concepts. Students learn the letters kuf and tzadee from the word tzedakah; they learn tet from tallit and zayin from mezuzah.
Shalom Uvrachah makes use of the best contemporary educational theory:
  • Meaningful words teach decoding skills.
  • Vowel sounds are systematically introduced in small, manageable increments.
  • Confusing look-alike and sound-alike letters are introduced separately.

Exercises include:

  • Visual discrimination practice
  • Similar letter-sound and vowel-sound drills
  • Writing practice to reinforce the forms of the letters
  • Exercises allowing teachers to customize reading practice for each class
  • Checkpoints to monitor student progress
Teaching Hebrew writing has been simplified with custom-designed Hebrew print fonts, enhanced by arrows showing how to form each letter. In addition to the text book our students use during the Hevruta Hebrew sessions, at home they join Professor Gimmelstein for a dynamic multimedia journey through the pages of Shalom Uvrachah—where vowels talk, letters dance, and words soar across the screen. Packed with engaging features, interactive reading exercises, and more than a dozen Hebrew video games, Shalom Uvrachah Interactive makes learning to read Hebrew a joy.

Each student has his/her own personalized sign-up page that allows him/her to create a unique user name and password. There is also an electronic table of contents that "remembers" where students left off. At the end of each chapter, there is also the incentive of a video game that is playable only after the work is completed.
Kol Yisrael (volumes 1, 2, and 3)
As students get older, they delve more deeply into Hebrew prayers. With our proximity to Silicon Valley, it seems only appropriate that we utilize cutting edge technology in our instruction of the ancient Hebrew langauge and prayer!

Characters come to life and help students learn prayer in the first Hebrew program that completely integrates text-based lessons with animated online learning. If your child loves computer games, they'll LOVE this Hebrew program! In Kol Yisrael your child will meet Ben, Batya and their talking goldfish, Doug. This engaging trio leads multi-media excursion that transports them from the pages of their textbooks, onto their computers, into cyberspace, and then brings them right back again. 

You can hear the prayers recited in American and Israeli accents. Interactive online audio exercises let students check their pronunciation to develop real reading fluency. The online program works from any location. If students want to practice at a different computer, or even if they lose the CD, they can download a second copy of their digital application--FREE!

In Kol Yisrael 1 students learn key blessings and prayers to use at home, such as the Kiddush and Mah Nishtanah. In Kol Yisrael 2 students learn about community through the opening prayers in the Shabbat morning service and the Amidah. In Kol Yisrael 3 students prepare to become b'nai mitzvah with the Shabbat morning Torah service and concluding prayers. And as your child grows from 5th grade to 7th, Ben and Batya grow with them.

"Clues to Cyberspace" planted throughout the book motivate students to use the software at home--solving Hebrew puzzles online and scoring bonus points--this creates additional practice time and opportunities. It's like having an in-home tutor for every child!