Grades 4 & 5

Spotlight on the Classroom (archives)

May 1, 2011

Following our beautiful t'fillah, we had our last music time of the year with Susan.   We then headed to class for weekly check in and to start our Challah cover art activity.  While making our covers and listening to Israeli music, we played a Class Trivia/Assessment of topics throughout the year.  To start off recess, our class gathered together on the playground with some (kosher Kedem) sparkling grape juice and Israeli snacks like Bamba & Bissli, which the students also shared with other classes. After recess we finished up with our Challah covers. To end the day, Elissa passed out yummy cupcakes she brought from home for everyone while recounting our favorite lessons and moments throughout the year, and also discussing ways to make next year even better.

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April 3, 2011

We're getting ready for Pesach (Passover)! Following our faculty-led t'fillah, our class joined together for weekly check-in. We then played a Pesach based Hebrew bingo where the students marked their Hebrew letter bingo cards, while also writing down the English letter sound equivalence and making words from it taken from Pesach and Judaism. After a brief hafsakah (recess & snack) we gathered back in class for the start of an art project making mosaics of scenes from the Exodus from Egypt which we aim to finish by next week so they can be present at our Seders.


March 27, 2011

Following t'fillah, our class first gathered for weekly check in.  We then read and discussed as a group assorted topics concerning Pesach such as history, foods, effects on Jewish culture and values.  We had a short "free read" time from our library books, then headed out to recess.  Upon returning to class, the students delved into part of this weeks Parsha, "Tazria" eventually tying it in with a Peanuts cartoon of great inventors which we watched. 


March 20, 2011



March 13, 2011

Following t'fillah, our class joined together in the main sanctuary to finalize roles and lines & practice for our upcoming Purim skit. We then went to music time with Susan where we sang holiday songs and added our own personal requests. Thanks to all the parent volunteers and staff, we followed our music time with hamantashen making. After a short hafsakah, we all re-grouped in the fireside room for a presentation from Camp Newman.  


March 6, 2011

Following, t'fillah we gathered for music time with Susan where we sang songs for the upcoming holiday of Purim as well as song old favorites.  We then headed to class for weekly check in and a short snack break which we had inside due to the rain.  As class resumed we started by reading and discussing narratives of the different characters in the story of Purim.  The last part of class was dedicated to writing and develpping our presentation at the BIJ Purim festivities.


February 27, 2011
Following t'fillah our class joined Sarah & Rikki's class for the first half of the day in a joint lesson on Avodah.  After a brief hafsakah, we returned to our class for art time.  Lastly, we headed upstairs to have a tour of the main sanctuary where we discussed the significance of the decor and architecture, looked at & touched various ritual prayer items, and talked about the keva and our kavanah of experiencing of prayer with a congregation.
February 13, 2011
Following t'fillah, we assembled in the library for our music session with Susan.  This week we reminisced with songs of Tu B'shvat and sang some tunes for the coming holiday of Purim.  We returned to class and had our weekly check in and schedule for the day.  We took a few minutes to peruse some books for next class when we choose a new book to read.  After a short hafsakah filled with cheddar goldfish and kickball, we returned to class for a "Shalom Rav" lyric-based lesson on peace and Israel. The students also created their own Poems of Peace based on the song to take home.